Hello everyone,

We are so pleased to announce our new website and logo!  We hope you like both designs.

The logo was made to encompass our mission statement and provide a little bit of clarity on what we do.  We provide the best phlebotomists to our partners nationwide.  The blue map marker identifies our nationwide service area.  The orange blood droplet gives some clarity that we are a phlebotomist staffing organization that prides ourselves on ensuring we supply the best for each need.  The swirl inside the map marker represents the first letter in our name “P”hleb-Finders.

This website is being designed with a learning management system in mind.  We want to provide our staff, contracted phlebotomists, and even our amazing partners with information at their fingertips.  We know that the world is rapidly changing and this is our little part to help change with it.  Please be on the lookout for some learning opportunities in the very near future.

Thank you so much for all you do and we look forward to working with you soon!

Brad Akers
CIO and Co-Owner, Phleb-Finders