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Our Story

Phleb-Finders was built in 2017 when Becki Seeley, Co-Owner, realized that some changes were needed in the industry in regards to phlebotomists and how they are cared for.  With 30 years of recruiting and on-the-job dedication, she set off to change this head first.

She called her son, Brad and everything else is history…  Brad built the Phleb-Finders website, portal, and, together, they started the mission to create a better culture for phlebotomists Nationwide.  

Since we began in 2017 we have created a vision that is, “Create an environment where professionals thrive by empowering people to enjoy healthier lives.”

We look forward to working with you whether you are a partner, healthcare professional, or a patient looking for some help!  

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Timothy Cajka

Chief Executive Officer

Becki Seeley

Chief Relationship Officer

Kenneth (Brad) Akers

Chief Innovation Officer

Samantha Akers

Director of Operations

Amanda Zola

Senior Account Manager

Dillon Hodges

Account Manager

Bekah McAdams

Account Manager

Lacy Merril

Account Manager

Terra Huston

Account Manager

Sandra Akers

Administrative Assistant

Skylar Seeley

Client Relations

Our Board of Advisors

Mike Gaines

Board of Advisors

David Campbell

Board of Advisors

Shari Limbert

Board of Advisors

We couldn't do this without our Amazing Healthcare Professionals! Thank you!

Making An Impact In Our Communities.