Following records in the Portal

Following Records #

As you have more items in the Portal it will be more important to see things happen in real time. Following a record is one of the best ways to ensure you are seeing everything in your stream as it occurs.

Probably, the easiest way to start following a certain record is to click Follow button in the top right corner of the needed record entry. What happens next? Once you’ve started following the record, you will be able to see all the record related actions in the Activity Stream on the homepage, at the same time being notified about the other users’ changes to the record audited fields through notifications.

Follow Button

(Note: to make field audited, follow Administration > Entity Manager > Fields > choose the needed field and tick off Audited)

Notification About Following

In case you want to follow only few records, the above-mentioned method is the most convenient, but what if you want to track the information about dozens or even hundreds of different records which may be created every day? In such a situation, the best thing is to configure Auto-follow tool (top right corner Menu > Preferences). All in all, there you can enable three auto-follow types:

Global Auto-Follow #

For instance, if you want to see the information only about all the new Assignments no matter by whom they were created, Global Auto-Follow is exactly the thing you need. To configure it, you have to choose the entity from the list, save the changes. Now, you will both receive notifications about all records belonging to the specified entity and track all the changes related to these records in the Stream.

Global Auto Follow

Auto-follow created records #

A wonderful option for those who want to monitor all the records that were created by themselves even if they are assigned to the other users. One can also configure whether to follow all such records or only the records belonging to a specific entity type (assignments, cases, etc..).

Follow Created Records

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