Portal Update (10/22/20)


  • Dropped MyISAM support 


  • Import: Ability to run import with parameters of a previously run import 
  • Import: Ability to resume failed import from the last processed row 
  • Import: Ability to run from CLI 
  • Emails: Ability to insert record field values when compose 
  • Admin panel: Quick search 
  • Console: Command printing all available container services 
  • Formula: Language translate functions 
  • Formula: json\retrieve function 
  • Image field: ‘Preview size in list view’ parameter 
  • Campaign Log: Search by email address and queue item ID 


  • Emails: Hiding modal window dialog after Send button is clicked 
  • Mass Email: Teams of campaign record are copied to all sent emails 
  • Email Accounts: TLS support for IMAP 
  • Admin panel: Quick search 


  • Codebase improvements 
  • Dependency Injection improvements 
  • ORM improvements 
  • Ability to customize classes in module folder improvement 
  • Entities automatically created for many-to-many relationship tables 
  • New email sender service 
  • Users: Removal of ‘isAdmin’, ‘isPortal’, ‘isSuperAdmin’ fields 
  • Preloading support 
  • New method signature for controller actions 


  • Contacts: Using ‘Account’ filter will search by a primary account, not by all accounts as before 


  • Send HTTP Request: Added support of PATCH, DELETE, GET methods.
  • Send HTTP Request: Added support of placeholders in a request URL.
  • Formula variables passing from action to action. The ability to use variables defined in a previous action of the same workflow rule.
  • Send HTTP Request: A response body is stored in _lastHttpResponseBody variable. Can be accessed in following actions. JSON attributes can be retrieved with a new function json\retrieve
  • New ‘Execute Formula Script’ action.


  • Added ‘Auto-refresh’ option for the report dashlet.

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