Portal Update (7/12/2020)


  • Roles: Edit view improvements 
    • The table header is stuck to the top when scrolling down.
    • Access level dropdowns are colored for better readability.
  • Scheduled jobs: Showing human-readable description of the scheduling 
    • In detail and edit views.
  • Scheduled jobs: If a cron is incorrect a validation prompt will be displayed.
  • Relationship panel: ‘Create’ button on ‘Select’ dialog
    • BEFORE: When you select a record on the relationship panel and don’t find any, you might want to create a new record. You needed to close the modal form and then click the ‘plus’ icon.
    • AFTER: You can create a new record right from the ‘select’ dialog.
  • Password recovery: Parameter to prevent email address exposure on the recovery form (security update)
  • Password recovery: Parameter to disable password recovery for all internal users
  • Mask field for phone number forced to a (###) ###-#### format
    • Updated Assignments, Accounts, Users and Contacts


  • Formula: number\randomInt function 
  • Formula: while function 
  • Formula: while function #
  • PDF: Helper to display Google Maps image 
  • PDF: ifMultipleOf helper 
  • Mass Email: Config parameter to override site URL 
  • Enum fields can have a button design


  • Some emails, that contain emoji, not imported on some systems 
  • Password recovery not available if the group email account is used for system SMTP 
  • Vertical navbar not scrollable in some cases 
  • Select followers button is not working

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