Portal Updates (1-26-2021)

PHP 8.0 Support


  • Kanban: Ability to sort items within a group 
    • Ordering items using drag and drop. Order will be applied only for a current user, meaning it will not affect on how kanban items are ordered for other users.
  • Array field: Ability to add multiple items at once 
    • When adding items it is possible to select multiple items with checkboxes.
  • Entity Manager: Separate page for entity 
  • List view: Showing ‘Apply’ button when filter added, removed or changed 
    • To make it more clear for new users. A user had to to click ‘Search’ button that was not that obvious.


  • Navbar: Tab groups 
  • Log: Ability to specify which handlers to use 

Backend Improvements/Fixes:

  • Moving HTML-to-PDF logic behind an interface 

To make it easier to add a support of other engines. Currently we use TCPDF.


Definition in metadata: app > pdfEngines.

The parameter in config to specify what PDF engine to use: pdfEngine.

  • Dependency injection binding 
  • Auth token functionality refactoring 

Bug Fixes:

  • Multi-enum/array/checkbox field not being translated in XLSX export
  • Error when filtering only ‘Active’ contacts on the account detail view
  • When replying on email with external client a confirmation dialog is shown
  • Autoload configs in modules are not properly merged
  • Wrong field validation exclusions check

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