Portal Updates (3-2-2021)

Bug Fixes

  • Popup notifications not showing up in some cases
  • Auth token: Enabled ‘Only one auth token per user’ causing login error
  • Kanban order not working
  • Maintenance mode makes people believe their credentials are wrong
  • Error on file writing because of opcache limitations
  • Attachments not copied on mass update
  • XLSX export not working
  • Convert Lead giving error in same cases
  • ID columns converted into utf8mb4 on rebuild on MariaDB
  • Attachment size not properly calculated
  • Printing to PDF not working


  • Formula: array\join function
$string = array\join($array, $separator);
  • Formula: util\generateId function
$uniqueId = util\generateId();
  • Save & Continue Editing action for PDF templates, email templates and knowledge base

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