The Portal’s Stream is a live feed where you can see updates and new additions for records you follow. The Stream is the best place to inform us of updates as they occur.

Assignment Stream #

The Assignment Stream is a stream that shows live data of the assignment as changes occur. This is the place to provide real-time updates to Phleb-Finders as changes occur. Specific data, flagged by the Portal, will be updated in the stream automatically. Some examples of changes that are updated is:

  • Arrival Time
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Departure Time
  • Time of Assignment
  • Date of Assignment
  • Status

You can filter the Assignment Stream by clicking on the three horizontal dots on the top right of the steam. This will let you sort by Users posts, updates that have been flagged by the Portal, or All.

User Stream #

User Stream is available in Stream dashlet and under the Stream tab. It provides you with the information about changes and updates related to records that you follow as well as the posts addressed to you. You can sort by Users posts, updates that have been flagged by the Portal, or All.

Notifications #

You will receive notifications about updates in your stream that were done by other users. You can mark all notification as read and view a list of notifications easily by clicking on the alarm bell on the top right of the Portal Navigation menu.

Posts #

You can create a post related to a certain record. You are also able to attach multiple files and images to your post. This is really usful to provide reciepts and other documentation to ensure payments are on time and accurate. If you want to mention somebody in your post, you need to type “@” symbol and start to type the user’s name. The user you have mentioned in your post will be notified about it.

Posts to users #

Users can create post to certain users, to certain teams, to all users and to self when on the User Stream.

Filtering #

You can filter what to show in a stream: AllPosts or Updates.

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