EFFECTIVE 1/14/2023: Portal 3.0 is up and running! Please let Brad know if you run into any issues!

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Report Sending “Should” Work
Price Books:

The Price Books feature allows to have different prices for one product. A Price Book record contains prices for multiple products. Moreover, it can contain different prices for a single product: actual for a specific date period or quantity.

A Price Book can be associated with a specific Account. Note that the administrator needs to add the Price Book field to the Detail layout of the Account entity type to be able to associate accounts with price books.

Quotes have a Price Book field. When a new record (quote) is created, the Price Book is carried over from a related Account. It’s possible to change the Price Book for in a specific order.

A Price Book can have a Parent Price Book and so on. If there’s no price found for a specific product in a Price Book, then the system will look up the price in the Parent Price Book.

The Default Price Book can be specified at Administration > Sales Pack (Settings). It will used to fetch default prices when there’s no Price Book associated with an order.

When a product is added to an order and there’s no price found in a related Price Book or there’s no related Price Book, the Default Price Book will be used. If there’s no Default Price Book, the price from the Product record will be used.

When a user changes the quantity of an order line, the system will look up the new unit price for that quantity. If there’s such, it will prompt the user to apply the new unit price. The user can reject and leave the previous price.

Inventory Management:

The Inventory Management feature allows to track product qantities, location in warehouses, transfers between warehouses, a purchase and sales history. It allows to validate product availability before selling it to a partner.

Internal Chat:

Can be used to chat with each other and other Portal Users.

Filter Your List View:



Drop PHP 8.0 support
PHP 8.3 support
Update Monolog to v3



Brand Icons were not showing


Light theme #2799
Export customizations to installable extension package #2794
Duplicate checking fields #2790
Layout sets for specific users #2796
Entity Manager: Parameter ‘Duplicate check on update’ #2789
Custom list layouts for relationship panels #2792
My Inbox dashlet: Folder option #2760
Roles: Message permission #2784
Formula: record\findMany function #2785
Not allowing to remove required link from foreign record #2797
List (Small) layout on small screen #2800
Ability to hide/show columns on the list view #2891
Dynamic Logic: Conditions checking current user & current user teams #2912
Mass email: Parameter to limit max number of emails sent per batch #2930
Read-only-After-Create field parameter #2843
Link, Link-Multiple fields: Autocomplete on empty input #2903
Link, Link-multiple fields: Create button #2894
Phone field: Config parameter forcing numeric search #2895
ORM: Ability to reference aliases #2844
Row Actions framework #2886
Handler method checking availability for main view menu items #2888
Custom navbar items #2889
Custom email template placeholders #2875
PDF: Markdown text helper #2925


ORM: Ability to join sub-queries #2756
CORS middleware #2755

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