We provide phlebotomy services in Springfield, Illinois!

At Phleb-Finders, we are dedicated to extending support and convenience to the residents of Springfield through our specialized mobile phlebotomy services. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond blood collection, as we understand the importance of holistic care and accessibility for individuals in need. By offering mobile phlebotomy services in Springfield , we aim to enhance the healthcare experience for patients by providing a seamless and personalized approach to specimen collection. Whether you require blood draws for diagnostic testing or routine screenings, our network of skilled phlebotomists is here to ensure a smooth and comfortable process right at your doorstep.

In addition to our mobile phlebotomy services, Phleb-Finders values community engagement and support. We actively participate in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of Springfield residents, fostering a sense of unity and care within the local community. By choosing Phleb-Finders, you not only receive top-tier mobile blood collection services but also become part of a network that prioritizes the health and convenience of individuals in Springfield.


Our Services:

Mobile Phlebotomy

We will come directly to you and provide the best of class phlebotomists.

Wellness Events

Providing Phlebotomy Services to help our Partners provide successful HR, Benefits and Wellness Programs

In-Office Testing

We can offer hourly or weekly rates to provide temporary and/or full time staffing.

Finger Sticks
We can do finger sticks for events, mobile collection, or any other needs you may have.
Research Testing
We have partnered with dozens of labs accross the nation to provide secure research testing.
And much much more...

How Does Our Services Work in Springfield?

Navigating through our services at Phleb-Finders is a streamlined and personalized experience designed to cater to your unique needs. The process commences by understanding your requirements thoroughly, enabling us to customize our services to align with your preferences seamlessly. We tailor our processes to your needs with a very in-depth onboarding call.

Upon confirmation of the appointment, our proficient mobile phlebotomists will visit your location at the scheduled date and time to conduct blood sample collection with precision and care. Subsequently, the collected specimens are securely packaged and transported to one of our trusted lab partners or delivered to a location of your choice, ensuring the integrity and safety of the samples throughout the process. 

Our partners are at the forefront of our service

We ensure that we listen to your needs first. As we onboard, we pilot every program to ensure we are successful for you. Contact us today to get more information!

How are we Different?

At Phleb-Finders, what sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to personalized patient care and unmatched professionalism in the realm of mobile phlebotomy services. While many providers offer nation-wide phlebotomy services, we stand out by conducting personal interviews with each phlebotomist, ensuring rigorous background checks, and providing continuous support to guarantee the highest standards of care for every patient. This commitment to thorough vetting and ongoing training translates into a level of service excellence that prioritizes accuracy, efficiency, and patient comfort above all else.

Furthermore, our emphasis on community engagement and support sets us apart as a healthcare firm that not only delivers exceptional patient care services but also actively participates in initiatives that benefit the well-being of individuals in the areas we serve. By choosing Phleb-Finders, you are not just selecting a provider for mobile phlebotomy; you are joining a network that values integrity, compassion, and community involvement, making a difference in the lives of those we touch.

There are many benefits to using us in {city}:

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I can heartily recommend Phleb-Finders for their services; they have been exceptional partner to work with and have been a significant contributor to our growth.
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Our Portal:


100% Secure

Your data is protected in the Phleb-Finders’ Portal. We pride ourselves in ensuring your data is maintained and stored in a protected system.

Fully Accessible

Your draws stats can be accessed real time on any platform. With a robust dashboard, you can view anything you need to see. Reporting capabilities are limitless.

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